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Adequate Steel Fabricator established in 1967 and since then offering industrial storage solutions to customers. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and trader of industrial storage shelving in India, based in Karol Bagh Delhi. We are not limiting ourselves to that rather we are also offering storage layout designing services along with very speedy installation services.
We understand your storage needs and knows that without proper industrial storage shelving and racking systems your warehouse can quickly starts resembling to a hoarder’s paradise where you will keep on wasting time in finding right things or products.
But with our right kind of storage shelving and racking solutions you can arrange and organize your products with better visibility and ease of picking your products and reduces your time in finding products and helps you in maintaining proper inventory records which ultimately increases your productivity and increases profit. Proper layout for your warehouse storage as per your storage needs can increase a lot space for your storage and again saves your money for warehouse expansion of relocation. Industrial shelving are very useful structures, and utilize the vacant vertical space in your warehouse and dramatically increases the size and effectiveness of your storage house or warehouse by stacking one over upto multilevel as per the space or height available in ware house.

Why Adequate Steel Industrial Storage Shelves?

  • Highly Customizable as per Customers Needs and fit to any size
  • Our Industrial storage shelves can be fortified with centre supports for additional peace of mind.
  • These Industrial shelving systems can be used for storing very small products like spare parts to very big machines
  • The most important benefit of these Industrial shelving’s are they increase your storage area volume within your warehouse.
  • High Durable life with low maintenance cost
  • Highly Adjustable and Flexible in nature
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Cost Effective as they can be used for very long time and sturdy in nature
  • These Storage shelves increase productivity at warehouses by offering better visibility of products

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