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Mezzanine Floor

Maximize Space Without Maximizing Your Cost With Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor would be a better option than relocating to new premises. Designed to maximize your available space, use the vertical space efficiently, and cost-effectively solve the spacing issue, these types of structures are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing units and more. Adequate Steel Fabricators is one of the most determined Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers in Delhi. These are custom-built and can easily assemble and relocate if you move.

Adequate Steel one of the biggest Manufacturer & Supplier of Mezzanine Floors across Pan India.
We are the well known Storage Experts brand in the Indian market offering Storage Solutions for Retails Stores and Industrial Warehouses.  Adequate Steel is based in Delhi capital of India and manufacturing all our Mezzanine Floors in India and supporting “Make in India Campaign”.
The Term Mezzanine Floor means an intermediate floor in a building or you can say raised storage platforms which allow you to use the empty overhead space of the actual floor as a storage area, depending upon the various factors like: size of the area, levels of structured platforms, your requirements of area etc.  These mezzanine Floors provides you great storage solutions at your warehouses which allows you the maximum utilization of the existing space within the same warehouse and helps you to save a lot of money by avoiding relocation or reconstruction cost. It is the best possible alternate solution for increasing your storage space whether you are looking for massive bulk storage spaces, heavy shelving, pushback racking solution or carton flow picks racking systems at very low cost comparing to relocation, reconstruction or a new space cost.
Adequate Steel’s Industrial Mezzanine Floors are compatible with your existing storage racking & shelving systems as they are designed and manufactured with the idea of giving stability and versatility so that it can easily integrate with your existing storage structures. The best feature of these mezzanine floors other than durability and strength is they can be easily relocated from one area to another ware house if you are looking for relocation of your warehouse .We are offering complete customized solutions for these mezzanine floors to fulfil your all storage requirements and helps to maximise the area for your storage along with safety, stability, durability and easy working conditions.

Mezzanine Floors Application Area:

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Warehouse Storage
  • offices
  • order picking
  • Recycling
  • Security Enclosures
  • Access Catwalk,
  • Shipping/Receiving,
  • Storage
  • Tool Crib
  • Robotics
  • Clean Room
  • Dust Cover
  • Equipment Garment Rail
  • Lunch Room

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