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Pallet Racking System

The Term Pallet Racks & Pallet Racking Storage Systems become synonymous with our name Adequate Steel Fabricator amongst customers in India market.  Adequate Steel is an ISO Certified Company offering high quality storage solutions for retail and industrial applications since 1967.
Our Palletised Racking System revolutionized the way of storage was done in warehouses and stores. We are not only limited to manufacturing and supplying of racking systems only, we also design layouts for storage systems of your ware houses and provides installation services also.
Our Pallet Racks can be easily fit and installed in any type of warehouse whether it’s small or a very big warehouse storage system. It can be customised as per the need of your storages space requirements within your warehouses. All these steel racking systems are manufactured under the guidance of highly experienced team of engineers so that they offer maximum storage space and durability and also brings ease of installation.
We are different from others as we are not focussing on selling only we first listen to our customers try to understand their actual requirements and then we offer them the available options which matches their storage requirements and fulfil their all storage needs.
We believe in offering best quality and timely completion of all projects we taken in our hands. We have over 50 years of experience in supplying and installation of these racking systems in various types of warehouses, factories etc. There is hardly a type of racking system which we didn’t install. On the nature of their applications these pallet racking systems can be categorized as light weighted, medium and heavy duty pallet racking systems.
These Pallet Racking systems are basic and most common component of almost all types of warehouses. Our innovatively designed industrial storage systems are easily accessible and help to improve the flow of speed of your working and also control the cost of handling and storage of products and stocks with your warehouse.  All these benefit comes with your choice or racking system, layout of your storage plan, application of those racks. So if you are not sure about your storage designing plant, confused about what type of racks you should choose, want to know how long this whole project will take place and the most crucial and important aspect is price. Don’t hesitate; Consult with our Experienced and Supportive Staff.

Why Adequate Steel Adjustable Pallet Racking System?

  • Offers you best designs as per your storage needs.
  • Easy installation and quick shelf level adjustment.
  • Saves product handling costs within your warehouse.
  • Low cost per unit area.
  • With our pallet racking systems you can use almost full height of your warehouse
  • Easy erection, dismantling and Re-adjustments of these racking systems.
  • Its structural design gives you accurate inventory control
  • With bolt and no bolt both options are available as per your needs
  • Can be used with existing structure of your warehouse
  • Available in light weight, medium and heavy duty ranges as per the requirements

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